Theodore Fried, Oklahoma Jewish Archive, etc.

Now-September 17, 2018
“Summer in the City” Cityscapes from SMMJA permanent collection

Fine Arts

Jews have always expressed themselves in various art forms that reflected the vernacular culture of the time and place where they lived. While a passage in the Torah

Archeology and Judaica
Ritual Objects

According to the Bible, Moses, charged by God, organized the construction of the Tabernacle in the wilderness, as a portable sanctuary. Housing the Ten Commandments

Jewish History And Culture

Jewish History, Culture, and Religion weaves a fantastic tapestry that is includes pieces of art, ritual objects and archaeology.

Sanditen/Kaiser Holocaust Center

Holocaust education is a prime mission of the Miller Museum; thousands of students and educators tour the facility for this purpose during the school year. Support from

Enid Temple
Oklahoma Jewish Experience
Benny Goldberg, Hartshorne
Oklahoma Memorabilia

The Miller Museum is not only dedicated to trying to teach Jewish life and culture; it is also committed to the preservation of local Jewish history — the history of Jewish

David Halpern - Benediction
Prairie Landsmen: The Jews of Oklahoma

A documentary photographic project undertaken by the Gershon and Rebecca Fenster Museum of Jewish Art, Tulsa, OK (now The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art)

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