The Sherwin Miller Museum is not only dedicated to trying to teach Jewish life and culture; it is also committed to the preservation of local Jewish history — the history of Jewish people in Oklahoma. The Museum contains furnishings and artifacts from former synagogue buildings in Tulsa, Sapulpa and Muskogee, Oklahoma, and Houston, Texas. The SMMJA is also the repository of The Oklahoma Jewish Archives, maintaining a vast collection of documents and photographs concerning the Oklahoma Jewish experience.

The patchwork quilt pictured here was made in 1930, by Mrs. Edith Taubman of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Mrs. Taubman, who died in 1963, pieced this quilt as a bedspread for her grandson, using a 1922 pattern called the Texas Star, because it also happened to be the traditional six-pointed Star of David. After her death, Mrs. Taubman’s family presented this fine example of Jewish Americana to the Museum.

This Shabbat candlestick is one of a pair donated to the Museum by an Oklahoma family, who used them for several generations. Made in the 19th century of cast brass, they were brought to Oklahoma from Eastern Europe.

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