Private: Museum Gala: Jewish Boomers in Business

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The 2011 Annual Sherwin Miller Museum Gala was held on Sunday, October 30, 2011. This year’s event was titled “Jewish Boomers in Business.” While early Jewish settlers were active in numerous professions and occupations, the 2011 Gala honored those who not only were pillars in the Tulsa Jewish Community but led the way in the business community.

2011 Honorees Included: Abe Abend; Abraham Avery, Carl Avery; Jack Avery; Louis Avery; Nathan Avery; Herbert Barall; Louis Blend; Julius Bookman; Hirschel Borochoff; Abe Borofsky; Jacob Borofsky; Louis Brenner; Israel Brodsky; Harry Cohen; Robert Feldman; Mike Froug; Moe Gimp; Willie Goldberg; Pearl Gordon; Meyer Greenberg; Lou Gribin; Leon Heyman; Nat Hyman; David Jacobson; Simon Jankowsky; Herbert Kallmeyer; Joe Katz; Louis Klar; Sid Lazarus; Harry Matles; Ben May; Harry May; Jacob May; Max May; Paul May; Max Meyer; Charles Miller; Fred Mirkin; Morris Mirkin; Philip Mirkin; Ben Moskowitz; Harry Moskowitz; Emery Newman; Jay Newman; Sam Plost; Carl Ravitz; Sam Renberg; Mike Robinowitz; Harry Rozen; Ely Sanditen; Herman Sanditen; Julius Sanditen; Maurice Sanditen; Sam Sanditen; Jack Schlanger; Morrie Simons; Ohren Smulian; Alex Solow; Charles Solow; Harry Solow; Maurice Solow; Harry Springer; Edmund Stern; Morris Sylvan; Louis Trope; Emil Turk; and Abe Viner.

These boomers in business started their company prior to 1945 and employed more than three people for inclusion. The businesses range from retail and department stores to grocery stores to jewelers. In addition to being honored at the Gala along with their attending family members, there will be a plaque engraved with the honoree names to hang in the museum which will be displayed next to the plaque honoring the Oil & Gas Pioneers who were honored in 2009.


A special thank you to the following event patrons: 

Double Platinum: Julius & Mildred Sanditen Foundation

Platinum: Mervin Bovaird Foundation; Irene & Sanford Burnstein; Sharna & Irvin Frank Foundation; Joan & Curtis Green Carol Miller Ruth Kaiser Nelson & Tom Murphy; Rita Newman, of blessed memory; and Marge Singer & Ken Renberg.

Gold: Rosetta & Avrom Brodsky; Kim & Robert Coretz; Marion & William Elson; Irene & Irving Fenster; Susan Fenster; Isabel Sanditen; Frank Family Foundation; Barbara & Stephen Heyman; Stacy Schusterman & Steven Dow; Trust Company of Oklahoma; The Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation; and Maxine & Jack Zarrow Family Foundation.

Silver: Sharon & James Cash; Joe Degen; Estelle Finer; Katherine & Lynn Frame; Charlotte Kantor; The Kirschner Trusts; Mary Lhevine & George Schnetzer; Nancy & Mark Lobo; Shiela & Vernon Mudd; Jean & Wilfred Sanditen; Barbara & Dave Sylvan; Janice & Philip Wilner; and Max & Florence Wolens Philanthropic Fund.

Bronze: Estelle & Allan Avery; Laurie & Robert Berman; Zella Borg; Conner & Winters; Cyclonic Valve Company, Inc.; Laurel & Arthur Feldman; Toby Fell; Julie Frank; Lori Frank & LaVonna Reed; Miriam Freedman; Jeanette Altman Frieden; Shirley & Harold Goldman; Janice & Joseph Jankowsky; Linda & Jonathan Kantor; Jane & Myron Katz; Brenda & Bruce Magoon; Deanna & Michael Maloney; Sallye & Donald Mann; Donna Matles; Rose & Sheldon Miller; Paula & Malcolm Milsten; ;Carolyn & David Nierenberg; Mary Sanditen; Jolene Sanditen-Stephens & Jim Stephens; Betty & Edward Sherman; Ellen Singer & Don Simkin; Angie & Jon Stolper; Carol & Lee Swarthout; Marian & Max Vowell; and Nancy & Andrew Wolov.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]