Go Figure Figurative Art by Theodore Fried

April 29, 2021 – September 12, 2021

Born at the beginning of an era in both art and politics, Theodore Fried was a talented young artist whose career intersected the major movements in modern art during the 20th century. A member of the Ecole de Paris in the 1920s, his work was exhibited through the 30s in Germany, Austria and France before the onset of war. Despite delays in his emigration from war-torn Europe, Fried’s vision and talent continued in New York in 1942 where he was a member of the Society of Modern Painters and Sculptors. He established a studio and began to rebuild a body of work in America and later an art school. Exploring subject matter in the City, Central Park, neighborhood life, Fried began to show his modern paintings in contemporary exhibitions, garnering fresh recognition of his figurative works and color compositions. Almost twenty-five years after his death in 1980, the Fried archive and paintings held by The Theodore Fried Trust were conferred on the Miller Museum.

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