New Patterns – Simon Waranch Glass Exhibit

New Patterns – Simon Waranch Glass Exhibit
September 23 – January 2, 2022
Reception September 23, 6:00 p.m.
Fire, metal, wood. These eternal, essential elements commingle through Simon Waranch’s skillful creativity, forming a uniquely identifiable body of work. Waranch, still a college student, is primarily a glass artist. He has been refining his craft since being introduced to it while still in high school. Waranch’s dedication and innate talent has opened doors to mentorships with glass artists across the country and around the world. Though the experiences of engaging with these masters informs his work, Waranch continues to bring something new to the dialogue. His current explorations with metal and wood reinforce his ability to continue to move the needle forward while working with these timeless materials.

“The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art has been sharing artwork of all mediums with Tulsa for over 55 years but we haven’t had the opportunity to showcase an exhibit solely by a glass artist. When we were introduced to Simon’s work we knew this was an opportunity to bring in an emerging talented artist and finally have that exhibition that has eluded us. Simon’s work is fresh and unique, standing out from the trends while complimenting the history of glass blowing technics. His work welcomes challenges and speaks of the development as an artist and art form that we feel can be appreciated in Tulsa.” – Mickel Yantz, Curator

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